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Want To Preserve Your Family History?

To live your dreams of digitizing your family history project, you will need to unpack all your negatives, 35mm slides, family scans or the digital photographs that have been stacked up in your attic. Preservation of history, rather addressing it as preservation of family history, is swiftly turning into a very popular pursuit for all the kinfolks and the genetic descenders. But scanning of negatives, photographic slides and transparencies for large volumes for preservation of history is very time consuming and a costly affair. Comparatively, JaincoTech offers quick turnaround and affordable medium of having all of your slides and films converted to family scans aka digital images on DVD or CD, thus living up to your expectations of digitally preserving your family history.

With the help of high-end drum scanning and flatbed scanners options, JaincoTech?s skilled film and slide scanning expertise converts every raw slide scanning data to digital imaging format with ease.

35mm slide scanning services and the 35mm negative scanning services are the most significant scanning services running at JaincoTech. From the receipt of the batch and the processing, till the delivery of the batch, a managed 35mm slide scanning workflow is followed that earns a fruitful end result to its owner. JaincoTech?s slide scanning services runs at par with quality meeting excellence. Every kind of 35mm slide scanning related work is done here suchlike: pixel copying, controlled distortions, ghosting, selective color change and airbrushing. The 35mm slides are completely processed and converted in a digital format maintaining high resolution standards.

JaincoTech scanning professionals can render all kinds of film scanning types including 35mm slides, 35mm negatives, transparencies, and reflective originals. Besides running film and slide scanning services, JaincoTech also renders 2D Floor Plans and the Paper Scanning/Print Scanning services. Digital film scanning and 35mm slide scanning workflow at JaincoTech can scan upto 8000 ppi of scan resolutions with customized image-editing and post scanning choices, with an add-on of various image saving formats such as TIFF, JPEG or any other client?s specific requirements.