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'Eco-Dress' Models - Direct From Recycled Waste

The eco- fashion era is here and increasingly inventive ways of creating sustainable and stylish clothing are breathing a new optimism into the industry and the world as a whole.

We can all make a difference by purchasing organic, but designers such as Stella McCartney, Linda Loudermilk, Issey Miyaki and Ali Hewson are opening the industry's eyes to ethical production, and how a more inventive approach can have a positive, long term impact on our fashion industry.

Tailored clothing company, BaGir Group ltd, are currently making eco-conscious friends in brands such as Balmain, Simon Carter and Nicole Miller with EcoGir.

EcoGir is an alternative eco line using fabric made from a clever combination of 100% organic cotton or wool and recycled water bottles. Top designers from around the world were given suits made from the pioneering fabric and it is rumoured that not one of them could tell the difference between the fabric and other virgin cotton fabrics. EcoGir feel that their recycled fabrics far from compromise the quality of items made from them.

"The goal is to create a suit that has the least impact on the earth, yet remains stylish and is priced the same as competitive brands," they comment.

Marks and Spencer have teamed up with Sears to sell the Eco-Gir suits and have reportedly achieved success with the line worldwide. It is said that one in six men in the UK now own a BaGir suit and with those figures, a shift to the new line looks promising.

The material used in each suit contains material from 12 plastic water bottles, crushed, cleaned and melted into flakes. The flakes are used to produce a fluff-like material from which a fibre can be created, and this is then combined with wool or cotton before being transformed into a suit.

"Fabrics and garments made from recycled material help divert waste from landfills, save 33% of the energy consumption (compared to manufacturing from virgin fibre), and reduce CO2 emissions by 47%, thus reducing the carbon footprint of this suit." say Bagir.

What's more, the suits are machine washable, cutting out the need for dry cleaning and the harsh chemicals associated with this process. Finally, just when you thought BaGir could not be any more considerate to our environment they have also switched to sea shipment, further cutting down the levels of carbon involved in production.