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Diary of a Wedding Planner - 2011 Tony Bowls Dresses For Bridezi

2011 Tony Bowls dresses have something every bride-monster is seeking - diva elegance.

Brides with lots of bark and bite are really just misunderstood little girls. They've been dreaming of the perfect wedding day since their first kiss. And over the years, the pieces of that perfect moment have assembled themselves in a very specific way.

They can literally see the details of the ceremony down to the minutia and they are not happy unless it all matches up. This can be a recipe for disaster for the planner who does not understand the motivation behind the madness.

As long as you listen to your client and show respect for their ideas, you should be able to diffuse explosions. It's your job to exhaust every option in order to get as close to your client's expectations as possible. Provide lots of choices, especially for what she is going to wear.

Zillas expect only the best: gourmet quality food, immaculate decorations, amazing music, and most importantly a kill 'em all outfit. And not just any attire will do. It has to be beautiful with bounteous billows of fabric.

Brides will almost always want to wear white. Remember they are recreating a picture they've had locked in their minds since they were little. They want to be a commercialized "Barbie Gets Married" with a flawless body in a flawless dress.

Tony Bowls 2011 dresses have key elements nit-picky bride-to-be's will respond to. These designs are reminiscent of Princess Diana's idyllic, televised ceremony. They are impressive and expensive looking. So even if they don't match your client's preference exactly, they will rise to the surface as the cr?�me de la cr?�me.

It is important that the overall effect not outshine the woman wearing it. That is a difficult concept for some to grasp, but there is a fine line between the betrothed wearing the selection, and the selection "wearing her."

• Catalog numbers like 29C01 are strapless and bejeweled with a blitz of sequins and beads. There's so much material it actually sweeps out into billowy extensions. The extensions give the suggestion of a modest split.

• Number 110C04 is a one-shoulder gown with a deep-v illusion front and back. The shoulder strap floats off into a cascading scarf as long as the entire dress. It too is covered in beaded jewelry.

• Item number 19C39 is an example of an understated style. It's a strapless pure white drop cloth with an extra long train. The only details are the draping of the material and a patterned, beaded belt.

All of these examples achieve a couple of important goals. The yards of flowing white chiffon leave a lasting impression after the bride has walked by. The silhouettes are traditional yet modern so the focus is on the bride IN the dress and not simply on the couture.

Using 2011 Tony Bowls dresses as a reference point, any wedding planner can satisfy their bridezilla. They will give her the freedom to stay true to her vision while they will assist you in delivering the almost impossible -- the ideal marriage event of her wildest dreams.