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Dave Mason: A Singer Who Cradled The Rock

When you think of rock music, the name of Dave Mason is bound to be there right on the top of the list. Considered to be the greatest rock musician that the world has ever produced, Dave Mason began his career at the age of 18. A native of Worcester, he joined Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi and Steve Winwood to form a band named Traffic.

The band soon became the heart throb of the lovers of rock music. In fact, Traffic has been considered by many as the father of rock music. Within one year, Mason wrote the song Feelin? Alright. The song soon became the anthem of rock and roll music. Since then, as many as 48 artists have recorded it proving its appeal to the mass.

The group experienced its success not only in those days; but now as well. The rock bands of the present age are clearly influenced by the band. Naturally, the band has been included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, Mason?s relation with the band did not last long. After recording their second album together, he left the band to pursue his career as a solo musician.

He reached USA to make his dream come true. His album ?Alone Together? was an immediate success. In fact, it was a rock classic that set his career on a new high. The album was succeeded by five albums and four of them received gold. The world was getting flooded by Dave Mason music.

The list of these five great albums includes Mariposa De Oro, Dave Mason and of course Let It Flow. The last one has in fact gone further to receive the platinum for its popularity. The album includes the song We Just Disagree, another classic by Dave Mason that ranked among the top-ten singles.

Apart from doing the solo albums, Mason also appeared in different concerts. The hall was naturally packed up. Also, he has collaborated with singers or groups like The Rolling Stones, and George Harrison. Later, in 1993, he joined the Fleetwood Mac and toured round the globe with them. Their album Time, featured Dave Mason lyrics like I Wonder Why, or Blow by Blow that rocked the world.

In his career spanning for more than 40 years, Dave Mason has done more than writing and singing. He has launched an electric guitar company along with Ravi Sawhney.

In December 2008, he released his new solo album ?26 Letters and 12 Notes?. It refers to the total number of letters in alphabet and notes in western music respectively. He was very confident about the success and called it the best album he has recorded so far. It contained 12 new songs where Dave blended his soulful vocals with the exquisite playing of guitar.

Presently, the Dave Mason band features John Sambataro in guitar and Bill Mason in Keyboard. Alvino Bennett and Gerald Johnson play the drums and bass respectively. It is a very popular band that performs in about 100 shows every year.