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Chanel Bags - Authentic and Genuine

One of the primary concerns when buying a new Chanel bags is that of authenticity. With some many fraud dealers around, it is difficult to decide which one is reliable, and which one actually has Chanel bags, authentic and genuine. However, if you are smart and want full value for your money, then there are some ways in which you can identify an original bag. Some of these tips and tricks can also be found on the Chanel website.

One of the most basic signs to note whether the bag is a replica or not, is to check if the Chanel logo is a CC or a GG. The original Chanel logo is that of CC intertwined with each other, in classic gold or silver hardware, whose polish does not come off so easily. So if at any point of time, you see a problem with the logo designed wrongly, and feel that the polish is dull or is coming out, then you should know that it is not an original bag.

Secondly, there are obvious differences in the quality of the leather used. While Chanel uses the mist expensive of leathers to make sure that bag feels soft and smooth, the local replica bag makers use cheap quality leather. Remember, the Chanel leather never comes off, and never tears out. It is durable and quite stiff in nature, yet has a very soft and smooth fee to it. You will not find this quality in fake bags.

Also, the stitching in all the original Chanel bags is quite intricate. It is so small that it is almost invisible. Plus, the thread used for stitching is the exact same shade as the leather, and if it is a bag with multi coloured pieces of leather, then you will notice that the thread colour in the bag changes accordingly with every little piece that is stitched on the bag.

However, in fake bags, not only is the stitching big and completely untidy and visible, but the shades of the threads also do not match that of the leather.

Probably the best way to find out if the bag is actually original or not is to look for a unique manufacturing code which is present in all Chanel bags. You can call up the Chanel office and have the code verified. If it does not match, you will know that the bag is not original.